Testing the Speed of Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting company that hosts WordPress, WooCommerce and more

The goal of this page is to test and see how fast and reliable it can be.

This site is hosted with Cloudways. And I have kept it here so that you can test it and see.

There are many ways you can test this site to see how fast and good the hosting is.

Before you test this website

Take note that the data center hosting this website is in Frankfurt, Germany. This web hosts have data centers everywhere. So for some testing tools, select a test center close to Germany or Frankfurt to get a fair measure of this web host’s speed.

Tools to test website speed.

Here are some tools you can use:

  1. Chrome Developer tools
  2. Google PageSpeedInsight
  3. ThinkWithGoogle  TestMySite
  4. Pingdom
  5. GTmetrix
  6. WepSpeedTest.org
  7. Uptrends website speed test
  8. bytecheck.com
  9. dotcom-tools.com
  10. web.dev/measure

Theme used for this test

I am using GeneratePress for this site. It is the fastest WordPress theme out there.

Settings of this site

I have not optimized anything! The settings are default. No plugin installed by me. All are default configuration. No CDN used.

Let me add some pictures too.